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The Camp of WItchcraft & Wizardry

An Arts-Based Camp for fans of Harry Potter

The Camp of WItchcraft & Wizardry

Theater O is back at Bethany in the Summer of 2024 with our much-loved Harry Potter-themed, arts-based camp. Participants will be sorted into houses, and participate in a House Cup competition. Each day participants will do a creative writing assignment with their house, play Harry Potter improv games, create a work of art, and play quidditch! The Camp runs Monday-Friday, 9 am - 3 pm. Campers bring their own NUT-FREE lunch and snack, and lunch and snack are refrigerated. Campers must bring water bottles.


Q: My child is not yet 7, but they love Harry Potter! Can they attend?

A: If your child knows that Dumbledore dies, or you think if they find out at camp it will not turn into an existential crisis, yes.

Q: Are the activities different from week to week?

A: The structure of each week is the same in that every week campers carve wands, write and illustrate Quibbler articles, create Patronus puppets, and participate in daily House challenges. The activities themselves are projects that are kid-driven. So while they will write a Quibbler article each week, their partners and prompts will be different.

Q: How much time do you spend outside?

A: About 50/50 in pre-covid times. During the pandemic, we spend as much time outside as possible.

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