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Listen. Learn. Imagine. Perform. & Join the Play.


Theater teaches collaboration and builds self-confidence.

Theater is a place where children are physically and mentally engaged.

Theater allows for the stories in our children’s minds to come alive. T

heater builds friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Above all, Theater teaches listening: to each other, to our instincts, to our bodies, to ourselves.

Theater O offers classes for all experience levels designed to develop fundamental theater skills while pushing students to excel in their craft. Beginner through advanced classes ensure that students will be adequately engaged and challenged while maintaining the vital sense of fun and play. Theater O curricula are designed to give children a theatrical toolbox. Each class stresses a skillset that enhances skills needed in other classes, and in, well, life.


The Theater O Faculty is a dynamite team of theater professionals who are experts in their craft and are experienced educators.


Theater O is a place where the benefits of theater can come alive within children.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff


Artistic Director

Acting, Design, Directing, and Fairytale Theater Instructor

Kate Nolan

General Manager

Andrew Irons

Associate Director

Resident Designer

Playwriting, Puppetry and Improv Instructor

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 3_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Aya Abdallah

Musical Theater


Show Camp

Associate Director

Kathryn Alexander

Performing Stories Faculty

Jessica Carmen Courtney

Performing Stories Faculty

Fairy Tale Theater Instructor


Stephanie Granade

Performing Stories Faculty

JonathanKaplan-0102-WEB copy_edited_edited.jpg

Jonny Kaplan

High School Theater Experience Acting Faculty

Allison Mitchell

Performing Stories Faculty

High School Theater Experience  Improv Faculty

Middle School Improv Faculty

Rachel Murphy

Musical Theater Accompanist


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